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Beautiful Buttons Fit & Well

Buttons hyperthyroid cat

I first noticed my eight year old cat Buttons was unwell when she was over eating and losing weight. She was also constantly on edge and would not sit still. A blood test at our vets confirmed hyperthyroidism. Initially I tried to medicate her daily with Vidalta, however this proved both difficult and stressful for all involved. She refused to eat food that had the tablet in and had to be pinned down to be given it. This daily battle lasted three weeks. With Buttons’ tender age, I needed to give her a chance of being cured. I felt that surgery was not an option for us as it carried many risks and in some hyperthyroid cats this can be complicated if the tumour is located in the chest wall. I read a lot about radio-iodine and knew that this was the gold standard treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats. It was also Buttons’ last hope as her clinical condition was deteriorating quickly.

After a referral by our vet, I received a long and detailed phone call fromĀ  Andrew Bodey at the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre. He was very knowledgeable, detailed, reassuring and answered any questions I had. I have two young children at home and Buttons had to stay in for a longer period at the Centre until her radiation levels reached background. This worried me as I knew what a creature of habit she was and I was nervous about how she would cope being away from home. I need not have worried. The veterinary nurse and animal care assistant, Jo and Gina, who looked after her on a daily basis are fantastic. Without fail, I received daily calls from them and occasional pictures via email of Buttons’ progress. They’re love for their jobs was a joy to see. The facilities are ‘top-notch’- could not fault them. The cats have plenty of space, comfort and enrichment. My insurance claim was also handled expertly by Amanda the lovely office manager- this helped to ease the stress of the process.

Buttons was 2.5kg in weight when she entered the Centre, her heart rate 250bpm and her thyroid hormone levels off the scale well over 300. When she came home after just 33 days, her weight was a healthy 3.9kg, her heart rate 140bpm and her thyroid hormone level just 11. I was over-joyed- Buttons was cured and I had my beloved cat back. I really did not think she was going to make it when she was first diagnosed as I knew, as a health professional myself, what a multisystem disorder hyperthyroidism can become, especially as she was almost impossible to medicate. Since being back home, Buttons’ whole demeanour has changed- she’s relaxed, chilled out and eating normally again. I would like to thank Mr Bodey and his amazing team for their skills, care, professionalism and ultimately for saving my cat. I would highly recommend the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre to anyone considering radio-iodine treatment for their hyperthyroid cats.

I would like to thank Mr Bodey and his amazing team for their skills, care, professionalism and ultimately for saving my cat.

Buttons and his Family