Our Fees

Our fees

Your client should allow £3,000 (including VAT) for radio-iodine treatment and to stay at our Centre for up to 14 days. This includes:

  • Assessing your patient’s suitability once you have referred him or her to us
  • A detailed telephone consultation with your client
  • The admission appointment, sedation and radio-iodine treatment
  • Confinement within our purpose-built accommodation for up to 14 days
  • Blood testing prior to collection
  • Flushable cat litter to be used at home
  • We recommend a monitoring programme for 6 months after radioiodine treatment. Our fee includes on-going advice and reporting of blood test results to you and your client during this period
  • Approximately 0.5% – 1% of cats require a second radio-iodine treatment to respond fully, typically 6 months after the first. There is no charge for this second treatment and up to 14 days hospitalisation.

For cats staying longer than 14 days there is an additional daily fee of £30 including VAT daily. Any additional investigations or treatments required during the cat’s stay at the Centre may incur additional charges.

We ask for all samples you collect pre and post radio-iodine to be submitted to IDEXX Laboratories, Wetherby.  This allows more meaningful comparison of different samples and also makes the new kidney test, SDMA available to your patient. If you already  have an account with IDEXX please use our panel codes (listed in the login area) to ensure we receive the tests we require. This makes accounting much easier for your practice and by adding our email address to your submission form we also receive a copy of the results.

If you do not use IDEXX routinely please download a submission form to submit samples using our account, adding your email address to receive a copy of the results directly. We pass on these laboratory fees at cost to your client.

Using a single reference laboratory also supports our research aims.