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Our lovely Amber was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in May 2014. Fortunately I picked up on the fact that she was eating more than normal but apart from that there didn’t seem to be any more obvious symptoms.   I took her to our vet for a blood test and they said she had a slight weight loss but they needed to be sure.  They came back positive for hyperthyroidism.

I had no idea about The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre until I went on line.   I had remembered from years previous that radioiodine was available in the UK but it was down the South and as I had an elderly cat at the time with hyperthyroidism I thought the upheaval for him to travel was too much so decided on the medication.

I was very pleased to see that now there was a place in West Yorkshire where Amber could be treated so after looking at the other two options it was decided to contact Andrew Bodey and make some enquiries. His response was very quick and he assured me that he would send out the information we needed to read and forms that had to be filled in. Andrew also telephoned me and had an in depth conversation with me pointing out the pros and cons and what we could expect from the outcome if Amber was a candidate for the treatment.

We had blood tests done on Amber and blissfully she was able to go ahead with radioiodine.  Before we knew it we were on our way to Wetherby and were met when we arrived by Andrew and his wonderful friendly staff.  Amber was treated with great gentleness and us very royally with tea and biscuits.    We then had another talk with Andrew and he then proceeded to examine Amber again and pronounce that he was happy to go ahead with the procedure that afternoon.

True to his word we were given a phone call that very day to say that Amber had had her injection and that she was well settled and contented. Every single day for 3 weeks we were contacted by either Andrew or one of the staff to give us peace of mind regarding Amber’s welfare and care.

We would like to thank everyone at the clinic for their kind consideration and help we have received.  There could not be any other place in the UK where such warmth and concern has been shown and we are so happy to know that the tests indicate that Amber is now back to her normal self once more.

The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre is more than just recommended by us, it is greatly appreciated and  we have no hesitation in our endorsement of it.

Many many thanks to you all.

Amber former hyperthyroid cat

Amber: former hyperthyroid cat